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Just wanted to put up a pic. Haven’t done it in a while.


I love finding pictures like this in my home. Sometimes I see things over and over and past by them every day without paying any attention to them. That’s how this picture came about. I really like the simplicity it has.
I shot this with my iPhone 3gs and the post processing was done with an app called photoeffects. Until tomorrow, keep snapping…

I had a really hard time with this picture because I just couldn’t decide if I wanted to post it in color on in B&W. I really love the way the rust looks in both of these formats. Anyway, as you can see I decided to go with the monochrome at the end. Sometimes, as an artist, you just have to make those types of decisions an not look back. If you do, you will never finish any kind of work. Well enough of the lecturing, this was shot a few weeks ago near my place of employment. The subject is an old car that, no matter what angle you shot it at, it was an amazing shot. I could have literally stayed there taking pictures of this Cadillac all day. The lines, curves, built and on and on of this vehicle were just fascinating. This car belongs to a friend at work and Im really glad he brought it over that day.
This picture was shot with my Iphone 3gs and the post processing was done with the CameraBag app and the SnapBox app. Until tomorrow, keep snapping…


This is my first post and my first cell phone picture of the day. This was taken at a friends house. As you can see you can find pictures and “art” everywhere you go. Of coarse, everyone likes different things and “art is in the eye of the beholder.” Can you tell what the subject is? I found this pattern interesting and also very “artsy.” Which brings up another good question, is the picture art or is the subject the art itself? Well I guess it’s the same question that has been plaguing people for a very long time… What came first, the chicken or the egg? The photograph was taken with an Iphone 3gs and the post processing was done with the Tilt Shift app and Camera Bag app. Until tomorrow, keep snapping…