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I am just a normal guy who loves to take pictures. In particular I love to take pictures of people. I do this on a part-time basis with professional equipment. My cameras of choice are Nikon. In this blog I will not use any of that equipment. All the “cell phone pictures of the day” will be taken well with a cell phone camera. I own several cell phones that are more than capable of taking great pictures. I also want to show that you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment to achieve beautiful photographs. I don’t want to prove any points or make any statements, I just want to share, what I think is beautiful, thru pictures taken with cell phone cameras.

Again, all pictures on this blog will be shot with cell phone cameras. All post processing will also be done with applications on the phones I use. If I happen to do any post processing with my computer programs I will share that on the post (I don’t plan on doing this but I just want to keep it real).



  1. Keepin’ it real is a good thing.
    Love your work, like the concept of concentrating on the image rather than the gear.

  2. Thank you Lili for your comment and the compliment. Please come back to my blog. I want to make it worth while for all photography lovers.


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