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l_2027_1521_C9895BDE-9F96-49F1-9725-74B1C4C75D22.jpegTodays cell phone pic of the day was taken inside my truck. I took a few shots and I found this one to be the most compelling. I love the way the lines frame the picture. Another thing I like about this picture, that at first I didn’t realize, is that there is a helicopter fliying by. You can see the helicopter on the top right of the picture like a little speck or it almost seems like dust on the censor; if you look close enough you can see it’s a chopper.

There were a lot of clouds outside when I shot this and I like the way they make the picture more dramatic. I took this picture with my iPhone 3gs and the post processing was done with an app called SnapBox. Until tomorrow, keep snapping…


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